Why are we waiting? #2

There is not now and never was any route to the restoration of Scotland's Independence which does not involve confrontation with the British state. It was always a nonsense to suppose that, in the wake of the 2014 referendum and with a rising wave of democratic dissent in Scotland, there could ever be a viable process that was critically dependent on the full and honest cooperation of the British government.

Nicola’s announcement: Is it enough?

We really have heard it all before. Almost word for word. Over the six years since the first independence referendum there have been almost as many promises of action on the constitutional issue as there have been missed opportunities to take action. Now we have another to add to the pitiful collection. Another to add to the pocketful of burst balloons.


The deceptively pleasing fantasy is that Scotland is on the verge of restoring independence. That independence is ' but a step away' or 'within our grasp'. At the extreme the deceptively pleasing fantasy shades into the truly demented delusion that 'independence has never been closer'.

Capital idea!

ulie Hepburn gets that one of the major problems with the 2014 referendum campaign was lack of focus. Far too much of the Yes campaign's energy was expended on pointless and totally inappropriate policy debate - both internally and in public. We allowed ourselves to be drawn into fighting a referendum campaign as if it were an election. We talked too much of policy and too little of principle.