Where is the logic? Where is the sense?

The weasel word "normally" is all it takes for the British political elite to retain the asserted authority to ignore and/or overrule the democratic will of Scotland's people as expressed by the Parliament elected by Scotland's people. Supposedly, this will only happen in exceptional circumstances. Who decides whether the circumstances are sufficiently exceptional? The British political elite, of course!

What must change?

For months now I have clung to the hope that the Yes movement could somehow press the reset button on the political wing of our cause. I genuinely thought that it would be possible to force the SNP leadership to adopt a new and realistic approach to the constitutional issue. I am now persuaded that this is a forlorn hope. It probably always was. Time has run out. And so has my patience.

Can the SNP change?

This could be a really short article. The answer to the question is obviously and emphatically in the affirmative. Of course the SNP can change! It's a political party. Political parties are predisposed to change. Political parties which function in any way close to the manner in which they are supposed to tend to be … Continue reading Can the SNP change?

Are you asking the right question?

At present - and for our purposes there not only is no time like the present but no time other than the present - the only party capable of forming this pro-independence government is the Scottish National Party (SNP). That is a fact so far beyond doubt as to render questioning pointless. Even if there was a different or better answer further along the chain there is no time to get to that answer never mind implement the new solution. It's the SNP or nothing. So, regardless of any other consideration, shouldn't that be where all our efforts and resources are directed?

Where is the real Mhairi Black?

Where did this Mhairi Black come from? The one who wrote this column in The National? Where is the rebel? Who is this Mhairi Black? The one peddling the party line for all she's worth. The one plying us with unctuous platitudes and condescending rationalisation of the SNP leadership's paralysed timidity in the face of the British Nationalist threat to Scotland's democracy.

Where’s the mention?

I'm revisiting this topic because almost the entire debate around this has been concerned with whether there ever was such an undertaking by the Scottish Government - there wasn't! - and the question of how long a generation is - it doesn't matter! The argument about how many years constitute a generation is totally pointless in this context for the same reason as the argument about whether there was such an undertaking is irrelevant.