Where’s the mention?

I'm revisiting this topic because almost the entire debate around this has been concerned with whether there ever was such an undertaking by the Scottish Government - there wasn't! - and the question of how long a generation is - it doesn't matter! The argument about how many years constitute a generation is totally pointless in this context for the same reason as the argument about whether there was such an undertaking is irrelevant.

2021: The Year of Fear?

In response to Shona Craven's column in The National today - A Project Fear might have won it for Yes if anyone knew things would get this bad - I am republishing this article first posted on 31 December 2013. I have chosen to reproduce it in full in order to that readers may see what I got wrong as well as the things I predicted all too accurately. - PAB

When does it start to matter?

Health and social care services are among the most fundamentally essential services in modern society. (Education is another. They will be coming for Scotland's education system in due course.) Health and social care is important enough that it becomes a signifier of nationhood. Proper nations have and control their own health and social care services just as they have and control their own education systems and their own armed forces. Scotland must not be allowed to think of itself as a nation. Ergo, Scotland must be deprived of those signifiers of nationhood...

Why are we waiting? #2

There is not now and never was any route to the restoration of Scotland's Independence which does not involve confrontation with the British state. It was always a nonsense to suppose that, in the wake of the 2014 referendum and with a rising wave of democratic dissent in Scotland, there could ever be a viable process that was critically dependent on the full and honest cooperation of the British government.