SNP should top up benefits, says Gordon Brown

THE Scottish Parliament should be allowed to use its funds to top up some benefits payments to tackle poverty and injustice, former prime minister Gordon Brown has suggested.

Peter A Bell‘s insight:

It’s probably good that Gordon Brown has some objective other than self-promotion. It is unfortunate, however, that this objective is to undermine the SNP administration and Scottish Parliament at whatever cost to the people of Scotland.

What he is suggesting is reminiscent of the demands from British Labour in Scotland that the Scottish Government should fully fund the iniquitous bedroom tax devised by a Labour UK Government and subsequently expanded by their Conservative allies. Effectively, this represents a further transfer of funds from Scotland to the British exchequer while making it easier for the austerity-obsessed British parties to impose even more stringent cuts.

Gordon Brown’s “big idea” is that Tory/Labour austerity be subsidised from Scotland’s already strained budget. It’s not difficult to see why this dullard was such a colossal failure as Chancellor.

But, of course, it is no part of Brown’s purpose to seek ways of improving the governance of Scotland or the management of our economy. His sole purpose is to put the Scottish Government under pressure and force it to take measures which will make it unpopular.

What some may find curious is Brown’s underlying assumption that the SNP will continue to be in power. It seems that British Labour in Scotland has already conceded the 2016 Holyrood elections. Either that or Gordon Brown doesn’t care which party is in power. He just wants to weaken the Scottish Government.

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