SIMON HEFFER: Now there’s only one way to stop Ed being PM

The truth is that unless David Cameron agrees a deal with Ukip, so as to stop splitting the centre-right vote across the country, Ed Miliband will be prime minister in six months’ time.

Peter A Bell‘s insight:

Simon Heffer near-total lack of awareness is to extreme to be anything other than comical. His article is close to being a masterpiece of British nationalist self-parody. Even the hypocrisy is so brazen as to be almost humorous.

He bleats pathetically about the possibility of people in England being subjected to a government which only a minority voted for. He does so dumbly oblivious to the fact that this is precisely the situation which he and his fellow British nationalist fanatics insist that the people of Scotland should meekly accept.

He whines about the likelihood of of the SNP holding the balance of power at Westminster calling it an “insult to democracy”. He doesn’t appear to realise that, if the SNP does hold the balance of power at Westminster, it will be because of the very political/electoral system which he holds to be the very epitome of democracy.

Simon Heffer may be “sleepwalking into a constitutional nightmare”, but not all of us are so stupid. Many of us recognised long ago that the British state was facing an impending constitutional crisis. Many of us long since came to the conclusion that the British state, as currently constituted, was rapidly becoming untenable.

More and more of us are coming to the realisation that, whatever else may be required to resolve this situation, Scotland’s independence is crucial.

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