Debate will not fade as unionists had hoped

THE road to the referendum was marked by milestones – a year to go, the last 100 days, the final month – when we took stock, assessed the campaigns and attempted to predict the result.

Peter A Bell‘s insight:

The first half of this article reads like a fair assessment of the post-referendum political scene in Scotland. But Magnus Gardham quickly reverts to his British nationalist form. Having acknowledged that the constitutional question is still very much alive, he pins his colours firmly to the mast with a regurgitation of banal anti-independence propaganda and some rather petulant-sounding sniping at Alex Salmond.

Gardham is quite right when he notes that not much has changed. The “Scottish” media is as mindlessly devoted now to the unionist cause as they were throughout the referendum campaign.They are just as heedless of the interests of the people of Scotland. And just as determined to preserve the old order and the old ways with all their powers of distortion and deceit.

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